2 Times Sewer Line Problems Tend to Pop Up

Sewer line issues happen any time. They don’t purposely discriminate, but if you believe in Murphy’s Law, you’ll probably disagree. That’s because it seems to many people that overflowing toilets, backed up floor drains, and raw sewage seeping into basements only happen in the middle of the night or when guests arrive. While we stand by our original statement that sewer line issues do not pick and choose when they happen, there is some truth to what many people believe.

Why Do Sewer Problems Happen Overnight?
Well, regardless of how it looks, toilets don’t just fill with raw sewage overnight, literally and figuratively. It’s a process that can be years in the making. When plumbing systems are continuously overtasked and the wrong items are flushed, this causes blockages to form in sewer pipes. Often, the blockage starts small, allowing waste water to flow around it. However, because poor flushing habits don’t often change, this small blockage gets bigger and bigger until it’s a huge gloppy mess. Once the clog becomes impenetrable, the water backs up.

Sewer Problems Arrive with Household Guests

Another common timeframe for sewer line problems to pop up is when you have a house full of guests. Why does this happen? If you’ve had some underlying plumbing issues happening in the home, adding more stress to the system is going to exacerbate those problems. That’s probably why your toilets start to back up and sinks won’t drain.

How to Prevent these Common Problems

The good news is that you’re not at the mercy of your plumbing system. The bad news is that you need to spend a little time and money fixing small plumbing issues from time to time. First, pay close attention to slow drains. This is a major indicator that a blockage is forming somewhere in the drainage system. Perhaps it’s only a minor clog that’s just below the drain trap. You won’t know until you have a plumber come to your home to inspect the problem.

Preventive Plumbing Services

Yearly preventive drain cleaning services go a long way toward keeping your home’s drains and pipes free and clear clogs. Drain cleaning service doesn’t just clear away clogs, though. Most plumbing companies, including Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, include sewer camera inspection services as part of the drain cleaning service. Using state-of-the-art equipment, plumbing companies have the opportunity to peer deep inside the sewer line. They inspect for the types of problems that often show up in the middle of the night or when guests arrive for a weekend visit.

In addition to preventive drain cleaning services, we also recommend that homeowners avoid the following:

  • Don’t plant trees close to sewer lines to prevent root intrusion
  • Only flush toilet tissue and waste
  • Install child-locks on toilets to avoid toys being accidentally flushed
  • Don’t use chemical drain cleaners, and be careful about other household cleaners you use to avoid corrosion

Following these simple tips keeps your home’s plumbing system is great shape all day, every day.

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