3 Ways to Locate a Sewer Line Clean-out

Knowing the location of your property’s sewer line clean-out is a valuable piece of information to have. If you ever need sewer line cleaning services, it makes the job go quicker for your sewer contractor. The main sewer line is the pipe responsible for removing waste from every single drain in the home. If this pipe becomes clogged, it causes a lot of problems for your home’s plumbing. Luckily, all main sewer lines are accessible by a clean-out for easy access. Unfortunately, if the clean-out isn’t easy to find or hard access this is going to add to the cost of the cleaning service.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea that all homeowners know where their sewer line clean-out is located. Do you know where yours is?

What a Clean-out Looks Like

You have to know what you’re looking for, right? So, let’s talk about what a clean-out looks like. This access point takes on many different appearances, but typically it’s a 3 – 4-inch pipe that extends from the floor or yard and is covered with a cap. Average-sized homes usually have only one clean-out; whereas, large homes may have two or more. Find the location of all clean-outs in the home.

Where to Find the Clean-out

It would be nice if clean-outs were in the same place in every home, but that’s just not the case. Ideally, you want to start looking in areas of the home that aren’t regularly frequented. Areas such as utility rooms, basements, utility closets, etc. Often, the clean-out ends up being hidden by shelves and stored items in these areas. So, you might have to move some things around to get find it.

  • Cold climate clean-outs: If your home’s in a colder climate, the clean-out will almost always be located inside of the house to protect against freezing. In this instance, it’s highly likely that the clean-out is in the basement. Look for a 3 – 4-inch pipe with a screw-on plug extending from the slab floor. When your home’s main line needs clearing, this is where the process begins.
  • Slab homes in cold-weather climates: Finding the clean-out in a slab home means looking in an attached garage or utility closet. Start by locating where the sewer line extends out to the street then retrace your steps back to your home. Visualize where the line goes (remember it’s going to be a straight line) and this should lead you to the clean-out.
  • Warm climate clean-out locations: In Southern California, especially along the coast and the Inland Empire where temperatures stay warm year-round, you’ll find your home’s clean-out in the yard. Although it seems like it’s easier to find a pipe jutting out of the ground, the truth is that it’s not always so obvious. Many sewer line clean-out pipes are obscured by landscaping. If the landscaping is overgrown or the clean-out is hard to access, make some changes.

When a sewer crisis arises, knowing the exact location of the clean-out saves you a lot of time. It’s always a good idea to make sure everyone in your household knows where the clean-out is.

Sewer Clean-outs on Commercial Properties

Do you own or manage an apartment complex or multi-family community? If so, it’s important that the clean-out to each of the properties is clearly marked. Often, plumbers come to these locations and the tenants don’t know where the clean-out is or what it’s even for. As a building owner, make it your responsibility to keep every informed about this important aspect of the building’s plumbing system.

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