5 Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Plumbing

Do you have plumbing questions? At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we have answers. For six decades, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people address pressing plumbing problems. Over the years, we’ve learned that many people have the same questions. While we can’t address all of them in this one post, we thought we’d go over the top five questions we get every week. If you don’t see the answer to your question, browse our website or call us at (888) 668-8922.

Question 1 – What Is Causing My Drain Clog?

The culprit at large could be one of many things. There isn’t just one thing that causes a drain clog. It’s more a collection of daily habits that lead to annoying stoppages. In the bathroom, things like hair, soap scum, beauty products, feminine hygiene products, and too much toilet paper cause sink and toilet drains to clog. Kitchen plumbing usually stops up when too much food goes in the garbage disposal or from pouring oil and grease down the drain. These are minor issues that often respond well to plunging or snaking. More serious clogs that require hydro-jetting and sewer line cleaning include years of buildup in the sewer main line.

Question 2 – What Can Go in My Garbage Disposal?

You can find this modern-day appliance in many homes. It’s a convenient way to cleanup after cooking, but it’s also an appliance that gets overused and misused. People hear its tough, grinding sound and automatically assume it can handle anything. However, you must be gentle with this small appliance. Only put small batches of food in the disposal at a time and never grind up anything such as bones, food peels, and trash. Yeah, people try to grind up paper and other things that belong in a trash can or shredder, not a garbage disposal. Don’t be these people!

Question 3 – Why Is My Faucet Leaking?

Faucets are plumbing fixtures that aren’t designed to last a lifetime. They’re finicky. A faucet leaks when it’s interior parts, the gasket or washer, breakdown and need replacing. However, many things cause this to happen. If you have hard water, interior parts wear down faster. Also, constant wear and tear make faucets leak sooner. While a leaky faucet doesn’t seem like a big deal, we encourage people to fix the problem quickly to stop wasting water and money.

Question 4 – Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure is something that people hate, and we don’t blame them! When you have a weak water supply, it makes it hard to shower, cook, and do laundry. There are several reasons that cause low water pressure. The most obvious reason is several people and/or appliances are using the water at the same time. This isn’t a plumbing problem. It’s a scheduling problem. Other reasons that require the help of a licensed plumber include burst pipes, crimped pipes, malfunctioning water shut-off valves, water meter allocation issues, and clogged pipes. If low water pressure happens suddenly, contact a plumber right away. There could be a serious leak that needs repairing immediately.

Question 5 – Can I Use Chemical Drain Cleaners to Get Rid of a Clog?

Ask any plumber this question and you’ll likely get the same answer – No. Chemical cleaners are never a long-term solution for clogged drains. Using these cleaners once or twice won’t likely do much harm, but if you continue to use them, the chemicals have a negative effect on your pipes. You’ll end up with pipes that are rusty and leaky. You’ll also end up with recurring clogs because the cleaner doesn’t do an effective job of getting rid of the blockage. It’s always better to have professional drain cleaning services, ideally once a year to keep your pipes clear and avoid emergency plumbing problems.

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