6 Ways to Improve Your Low Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure and know what’s causing it, we want you to know there are many ways to fix the problem that cost little to no money. Check out these tips for increasing the water pressure in your home:

Open the Supply Valve

Have you recently turned the water off to your home? If so, you might not have turned the water back on completely. That’s right! Your low water pressure problem could be something as simple as opening up the supply valve. Anytime the valve is partially closed, it’s harder for water to get through. Check the valve and open it up for better pressure.

Check the Pressure Reduction Valve

We’ve talked about the dangers of high water pressure and why it’s important to regulate the pressure. If you get your water from a public water supply, you might have installed a pressure reduction valve to make sure the water isn’t too high. Valve manufacturers preset the pressure, but if the valve is broken or the pressure was adjusted incorrectly, you might need to change the settings.

We do want to stress that you don’t want to over adjust this valve. Doing so could cause damage to your plumbing and require repairs. If you think the pressure reduction valve needs adjustment or replacing, we suggest you contact a professional plumber to protect your pipes.

Clean Your Pipes

Nothing slows water down faster than a clog. If you think only toilet and sink drains clogs, we want you to think again. Water lines clog too, especially when pipes are corroded. When pipe material rusts, particles break off and remain in the pipes. Over time, as more and more particles collect in the pipe, this causes an obstruction. Contact a plumber to find out how water pipe cleaning can improve your water pressure.

Fixing Leaks

Leaky pipes cause water pressure issues too. Even a small leak in the pipe under the bathroom or kitchen sink has the potential to affect water pressure. Sometimes these pipes become loose because they’ve been jarred one too many times. Try to keep the area under the sinks as clutter-free as possible.

Replace Pipes

Old, leaky pipes need replacing as soon as possible. While this isn’t as cheap of a fix for low water pressure, it’s very important to make these repairs. Not only do old pipes restrict water flow, but they also increase the chances of a major pipe burst. The last thing you want is this to happen. Not only do you have the expense of fixing the pipe, but you also have to put money into water damage restoration.

Install a Booster

Have you exhausted all the possible options for why your home has low water pressure? Are you still scratching your head trying to figure out what’s wrong? If your water pressure isn’t where you feel it should be, consider installing a booster.

Water pressure is determined by distance and gravity. If water has to travel uphill or from a far distance, then this affects your water pressure. One way to get around these obstacles is installing a booster. A booster pump catches the water when it comes through the main line. It then re-pressurizes it before it enters your home’s plumbing system. The pump is easy to install and operated automatically or manually. Booster pumps are great for homes with low water pressure, but it’s important we mention they aren’t the cheapest options. They are quite expensive, which is why many people choose this option as the last resort.

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