7 Mistakes Your Plumber Wants You to Stop Making

While some plumbing problems seem unavoidable, the truth is that most major problems can be sidestepped by taking better care of your drains and pipes. At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we are always here for you should you need emergency plumbing services in Los Angeles, Long Beach, or another one of our Southern California cities. However, we know that calling a plumber is often the last thing you want to do. If calling for plumbing service isn’t something you want on your to-do list, pay close attention to this article.

Are you making these plumbing mistakes at your home?

Using Chemicals to Clean Your Toilet

Chemicals are rough on plumbing systems. Their corrosive nature leads to leaky pipes and pipe replacement. They also don’t do a thorough job of clearing away clogs like professional drain snaking or hydro-jetting service. If you’re using chemicals to get rid of frequent clogs, talk to a plumber. It’s possible the issue isn’t even a clog. Also, keep hair, grease, and too much toilet paper out of the drainage system. These materials clog more drains than anything else.

You Try to Fix Plumbing Problems Yourself

Troubleshooting residential plumbing problems isn’t always straightforward. Many well-meaning people think they understand what’s going on with their plumbing system and are completely off base. What does that mean for your DIY repair? It means you’re wasting time and money fixing things that aren’t broken and you’re making the existing problem worse. At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we come to your home and give you free quotes. Most plumbing services do. So, if you’re not in our service area, you’re sure to find a plumber who give free quotes.

You Don’t Know How to Turn the Water Off to Your House

If a main water line bursts on your property, you need to know how to access the emergency water shut-off valve. The faster you get water to your home turned off the better. Unfortunately, too many people have no idea where this water valve is. Do yourself and your property a favor. Locate the shut-off valve and practice turning it on and off. As silly as this seems, it prepares you to quickly turn off the water when you’re panicked.

You Use Toilet Fresheners

People use toilet fresheners because they like to keep their toilets sanitized and fresh. Some people use bleach tablets in their toilet tanks because it cuts down on hard water stains. Whatever your reason is for using these products, we suggest you stop using them. The reason being that these products can break down toilet parts and require you to purchase replacement parts frequently. Also, sometimes these products get stuck, making it difficult to flush the toilet.

You’ve Never Had Leak Detection Service

No news is good news, right? While that may be true for some situations, when it comes to plumbing problems like slab leaks this isn’t always the case. Hidden leaks cost homeowners thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs and water damage restoration every year. Leak detection services can find hidden leaks when they’re small before they start affecting your home’s structure. Regular leak detection from trained plumbers is a great service to add to your yearly plumbing maintenance schedule.

You’re Living with Hard Water

Many people have hard water and aren’t doing anything about it because they don’t know what to do, or they’ve decided to live with it. Hard water isn’t a health threat, but it does affect your home’s plumbing adversely. Ask you plumber to show you ways to condition the water and keep sediment from eating away at your pipes, water heater, and other plumbing fixtures.

You Keep Putting Off Calling a Plumber

Has the toilet in your upstairs bathroom been running nonstop for several days? Do you have leaky faucets, but have decided to put up with the constant drip-drip? Taking care of small plumbing problems right when they show up is always the most cost-effective choice. You save water and you prevent the fixture from breaking down even more.

If you need an emergency plumber, contact Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter. We offer competitive pricing, guarantee our work, and promise to fix the problem right on the first visit. Our plumbers work around your schedule and are available 24/7. Call us today at (888) 668-8922 to learn more!