How to Check a Sewer Line Before You Buy a Home

Has your Realtor or home inspector talked to you about sewer line inspection services? The chances are quite high that they haven’t. When buying a new home, it’s not unusual to have an inspection done. But what does the home inspection include? Does it include all aspects of the plumbing system? Probably not.

Most home inspections done during the buying and selling process look at surface problems. You’re given a report that details how many outlets aren’t working or that they faucet in the guest bathroom drips. While these are things you want to take care of, they aren’t problems that have the potential to cause thousands of dollars of damage. A backed-up sewer line does.

An Insider’s Look at How Sewer Line Problems Affect Homeowners

At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we see how sewer line issues affect homeowners every single day. Depending on the type of repair you need, the costs could be a couple thousand dollars up to $30,000. It’s so heartbreaking to have to tell a new homeowner who just bought a $160,000 home that they need $15,000 in sewer line repairs. At this point, many people ask if it’s possible to get the previous homeowners to cover the cost of repairs. Unfortunately, it’s not. Once you sign the closing papers, the house and all its problems become your responsibility.

Protect Your Investment and Hold onto Your Money

To prevent these types of problems from happening to you, we always recommend that buyers include a sewer line inspection as part of the contingency to the home buying contract. A sewer line inspection involves using a camera to look inside sewer pipes as far as the camera reaches. What is the technician looking for during these inspections? Generally, your technician keeps an eye out for the following:

  • Water pooling in the pipe
  • Root intrusion
  • Collapsed pipes

A small amount of water or root growth isn’t a major problem, but if the camera goes underwater during the inspection this is something that needs addressed. It means that the pipe is settling or pulling apart. Also, if the camera becomes entangled or is unable to get pass root growth, this is an issue that can’t be snaked away.

Take the Report to the Sellers

Once you get your sewer line inspection report, address any concerns with the sellers through your Realtor. It’s at this point that you have the most negotiating power. Sellers who are motivated to sell are often willing to pay for the repair costs or lower the home price to reflect the cost of repairs. Sewer line inspection services give homebuyers peace of mind that they’re moving into a home that’s free of major sewer line issues.

After You Move into the Home

After all repairs have been made and you’re settled into your home, don’t forget about the sewer line. Regular sewer inspections keeps your home’s plumbing system in its best condition. Contact Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter to set up a plumbing maintenance service schedule to always stay on top of possible issues that pop up over the years. Doing so keeps water flowing in the right direction and prevents cross-contamination.

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