How to Have a Great Plumbing Visit

Need a plumber to help you with an unexpected plumbing problem? When clogged drains, leaky toilets, and other problems sneak up on you, we know you want things fixed in a hurry. One way to keep things running smoothly is to follow these tips for a successful plumbing visit.

Before the Plumber Arrives

You’ve called the plumber and he or she is on their way. Now what? Instead of pacing the floor, take a moment to write down what the problem is you’re having. When you’re able to explain the problem clearly, it helps your plumber troubleshoot better and find the source of the problem quicker.

Another way to make the plumber’s job easier is to clean the area. For example, do you have a leaky kitchen sink? Take a few moments and clear out anything under the sink to give the plumber room to work.

We know you love your pets, but your plumber might not. Also, keeping pets away from the work area protects them and keeps them safe. So, find a safe place to keep your furry friends while the plumber works.

When the Plumber Arrives

Remember when we told you to prepare for the visit by writing down the problems you’re having with your plumbing? Now is the time to refer to that piece of paper. Let your plumber know how long the problem’s been going on and any other information you think it’s important for your plumber to know. Most plumbers have a list of questions they’ll ask you too.

Listen to your plumber. When a repair is made, plumbers go over the type of repair or replacement done and what you need to do to maintain the drain, pipe, appliance, or fixture. This is valuable information your plumber is giving you. It helps you understand how to avoid similar problems in the future.

After the Plumber Leaves

When a plumbing job is done, there’s an automatic sense of relief. Ninety-nine percent of the jobs done by a licensed plumber aren’t going to come back a day or two later, but sometimes issues pop up that need addressing. That’s why it’s important to make sure the repaired part is functioning as it’s intended. If you think something isn’t right such as the leak returned or there’s another problem, contact the same plumber right away. Professional plumbers guarantee their work and are willing to come out and see what’s happening.

After you’ve had good service, it’s also nice to leave a review for your plumber or the plumbing company. Leave a review on Yelp, Google, or another review site. Also, many plumbing companies accept reviews on their websites. Your experience matters to the plumbing service and to their future customers. Is there something the plumber could have done better? Reach out directly to the plumbing company and give your feedback for better future service.

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