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On September 15th, 2015, I called Wise Choice Plumbing at 5:00 pm and talked to a dispatcher; who had advised me they will have a service person on their way to my location, to fix my clogged kitchen drain.

When the service crew arrived……

Mr. Art (Sr.)

He was very polite and professional when he arrived at my residence. He advised me of his diagnosis of the problem kitchen sink as soon as it became present to him. I appreciate his pleasantries and his demeanor when he spoke and addressed me.

Also, Mr. Art (Jr.) reflects his father’s personality in many ways. He was also polite and respectful and addressed me as “sir” which was very unexpected from teenagers now-a-days with their spoiled little gadgets and devices. I wish him well and prayers to him achieving his graduation status from Cadet School for the LAPD “L.A.’s FINEST!”

If we pursue further with the suggestions and or recommendation Mr. Art (Sr.) mentioned I would like to reserve my position to have them work on this project at my residence. I will not accept anyone else regardless of their qualifications, no exceptions!



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