Never Attempt to DIY these 3 Dangerous Plumbing Jobs

Some plumbing repairs you can do yourself. Unclogging a toilet using a plunger, snaking a kitchen sink, or replacing broken toilet parts, are examples of great DIY plumbing repairs most people can manage. However, there are some plumbing jobs that are much more serious and require the expertise of licensed plumbers. In this post, we talk about the 3 most dangerous plumbing jobs, you should never attempt on your own.

Gas Line Repair

If you think you have a gas leak, don’t try to find or fix the problem. Instead, walk out of the house and call your gas company. The company will come to your home and identify the source of the problem and turn off your gas. Now, once you know where the problem’s coming from, call a plumber. There is too much at stake when you have a gas leak to mess around making repairs when you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you manage to find the leak, amateur repairs don’t last. Living in a home with an active gas leak means you’re living on borrowed time. It doesn’t take much for a leaky gas line to cause a fire or an explosion, destroying your home and putting anyone in the house at risk of injury or death.

When you need to hire a plumber for gas line repair, make sure the plumber is certified to work on gas lines. Not every plumber is, so choose wisely. If you’re in Southern California, call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter for certified gas line repair.

Sewer Repair

We wouldn’t think anyone would attempt to do this job themselves, but people surprise us. When you need to replace a sewer line or make a repair, this isn’t a job for a weekend warrior with a toolbelt, pizza for the neighbors, and an outdoor television streaming a YouTube how-to video. Nope, this is a job for professional sewer contractors. If you start digging to access your sewer pipe, you could accidentally hit another utility line, or you could bust the sewer pipe. We don’t have to tell how bad this is. Do yourself a favor and call a licensed sewer contractor.

Pipe Replacement

Some pipe replacement jobs like replacing the pipes under your bathroom sink aren’t huge jobs. What we’re talking about are replacing or installing pipes that connect the main water line to the appliances and fixtures in your home. This is a job for professional plumbers. Homeowners who try to install new pipes run the risk of damaging existing pipes and causing water damage. Also, if you’re installing new pipes as part of a remodeling or renovation project, municipal codes require permits. Only licensed plumbers can get these permits. Installing or moving existing piping without a permit makes your job illegal and could cause problems if you try to sell your home one day.

We want all of our customers to have access to safe, properly installed plumbing. If you need help with one of these jobs, call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter. Our team of 24-hour plumbers is available for emergency plumbing service today! Call us at (888) 668-8922.