The Benefits of Hiring a Plumber

Plumbing problems lead to major inconveniences for businesses. Not only do plumbing issues put out customers and employees, but they also lead to messes and ruin productivity. No matter if your business has a sewer leak, an overflowing sink, or a clogged toilet, issues with commercial plumbing are unpleasant.

For these reasons, it’s important to hire a commercial plumber. Professional plumbers, unlike handymen and janitorial staff, have advanced experience dealing with commercial plumbing systems. They have the right tools to get jobs done fast and accurately. Commercial buildings are not the same as residential structures. The problems that affect commercial plumbing systems might seem the same, but they are more complex. That’s why it’s always important to hire a plumber with commercial experience when dealing with any plumbing issue at your building.

Troubleshooting Commercial Drain and Sewer Problems

The drains and sewer pipes in a commercial building work hard all day, every day. These essential parts of the plumbing system are required to carry heavy loads, especially the sewer pipes. In commercial structures, the sewer pipes that carry wastewater to treatment facilities are large-diameter pipes and, if they break, you have serious problems. Whenever a problem pops up in a commercial building, you need a licensed plumber who understands the unique nature of commercial systems in order to troubleshoot better. With the guidance of a commercial plumber, solutions are found quicker and your business is impacted less.

Keep Your Plumbing System Updated and Modernized

Southern California has its fair share of older buildings. With age, comes added problems like deteriorating pipes, leaky water pipes, and pipes filled with debris and buildup. Hiring a commercial plumber for repairs and for pipe replacement helps keep your building updated and modernized to meet current code requirements. A plumbing system that’s old breaks down more often and the fallout affects your business. One of the perks of working with commercial plumbers to update the plumbing in your building means you’ll experience fewer problems that require emergency plumbing service.

Commercial plumbers also help building owners with retrofitting and new fixture installation. From replacing old faucets with automatic, no-touch faucets to installing flushometers on toilets, there are many ways a commercial plumber helps you improve your building’s plumbing.

Stop Costly Leaks

Leaks are costly in more ways than one. There’s the initial cost of hiring a plumber to fix the leaky pipe and then there are the costs you might not realize. For example, water leaks from bathroom fixtures like sinks and toilets waste water and increase your company’s water bill. If you own a multi-story commercial building with bathrooms on every floor and half of the faucets have some sort of leak, this is costing you more money than you realize.

Then there’s the threat of mold. Not only is mold unattractive, but it’s also unhealthy. As a property owner, you have a responsibility to everyone who walks through your building’s front door to provide them with the safest environment possible. If there is mold in the building, your employees and customers may develop respiratory issues or have severe allergic reactions. When there’s mold in the building, your employees might also call off more because of their physical symptoms. Stopping leaks stops mold.

Additionally, don’t forget that leaks can cause massive damage to flooring and walls. If you have a leak that’s gone unrepaired or was repaired incorrectly by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, this means you might need water damage restoration to fix the damage.

Fast, Time-Sensitive Repairs

Not all plumbing issues are emergencies. While it’s important to fix things quickly, a toilet that runs nonstop isn’t a major threat. However, a burst pipe, a backed up sewer pipe, or a slab leak in your building’s basement, are serious threats. These types of plumbing problems require time-sensitive repairs. Hiring a commercial plumber means you get fast repairs and keep your business moving forward.

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