The Consequences of Asking a Plumber to “Work on the Side”

The best people sometimes make the wrong decisions. It’s just how life works. We get it. Fixing plumbing problems is expensive and cut into your time. Both of these reasons fuel people’s desire to find a good deal. When you know a plumber, it’s not uncommon to ask him or her to help you out on the side. But is this really a good idea? In this post, we discuss why it’s always better to hire a plumber through a professional plumbing company.

Peace of Mind for All

Licensed plumbers are licensed for a reason. The education and licensing procedure ensures that the person working on your home’s plumbing system has the knowledge to make safe repairs. When a plumber makes repairs on the side, their insurance coverage that protects you and them in the event of an incident might not offer full protection. This could end up costing everywhere involved a lot of money.

Warrantied Repairs

Hiring a plumber through a professional plumbing company means that all work is guaranteed. At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, our jobs are warrantied from start to finish and beyond. If there’s a problem with your pipe repair or leaky toilet job, we send the plumber back to fix the issue.

Even if an “on-the-side” plumber promises to come back and make corrections to a job, that doesn’t always happen. We’re not saying the person lied to you and intentionally deceived you. Not at all. In fact, most people have good intentions, but what happens is they get overbooked. When a person does a job on the side, they’re squeezing you into their already tight schedule. That means if something needs fixing, you might be waiting weeks for them to return.

Support Your Local Community

Did you know that when you support a local plumbing company that you’re supporting your local economy? You’re helping plumbing pros put food on the table and clothes on the backs of their children.

But, when I called, it sounded like I was talking to a call center. How is that local?

Large companies often utilize call centers to efficiently schedule plumbing appointments throughout the regions they serve. That doesn’t mean that the plumber working on your job aren’t local. In fact, multi-county plumbers hire plumbers to specifically work in the communities they live. This cuts down on travel costs, means they’re more knowledgeable about local codes, and they won’t be late because of a traffic jam two counties away. All of this benefits you, the customer, and saves you money in the long run.

When You Need a Plumber Do It the Right Way

Protect your home’s plumbing system and call a plumber to book an official job. Doing so, gives you peace of mind that the job is done right and warrantied.

At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we understand that spending thousands of dollars on sewer line repair or spending money on drain cleaning services is an unexpected financial hurdle for many. Unfortunately, you need to get these problems fixed the right way. For this reason, we run a number of specials to help you get the professional services you need. To learn more about our specials, give us a call and let us help you with your next plumbing repair, replacement, or installation job.