Tips for Planning an Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower offers many benefits to Southern California residents. Whether you need a place to wash your dog after a muddy trip to the dog park or you want to wash off the sand after a trip to the beach, an outdoor shower is just what you need. Once you decide you want one of these showers, you have decisions to make. Outdoor showers are available in different designs including freestanding, store-bought, built-in and even DIY options. No matter which outdoor shower you install, it’s important to take the time to decide what you really want in a shower before you get started. Not only do you have the design elements to think about but also any outdoor plumbing installation needs. Here are five things we want you to consider before installing an outdoor shower.


Before you design your outdoor shower, you need to know where you want to put it. Often, location depends on what you plan to use the shower for. Do you want people to use it when getting in and out of the pool? Then make sure there is ample space to install the shower in this area. Are you interested in using it to wash your dog before you go into the house? If so, do you have the right plumbing connections near a door to the home? Also, no matter where you install the shower, make sure you have easy access to the hardware and plumbing components. If there is a leak or other malfunction, you or your plumber need to get to these parts to make repairs


With outdoor showers, the sky is the limit when talking about style. Some people prefer a simple structure made from wood comprising just a showerhead. Others ditch the minimalistic style and install rock walls surrounded by gorgeous foliage, giving the outdoor shower a tropical feel. Whether you prefer simple or over-the-top, take time to find a shower that matches your personal style and complements your home’s exterior.


Don’t forget to go green with your outdoor shower. Even if you don’t use the shower every day, it’s still beneficial to your budget and to the environment to install a low-flow showerhead. There are many options available perfect for outdoor use that stand up to the elements. Give your plumber a call for suggestions.

Privacy Concerns

How much do you really want your neighbors to know about you? When you plan an outdoor shower, consider who’s around you. If you’re planning on using the outdoor shower for actual showering- not just rinsing off after you’ve come home from the beach or pool – then you need to consider privacy options. Some people are fine enclosing the shower in a tent or simple shower curtain. Others want something built in like a wall or even a stall with a door and a ceiling, a shower box, if you will. If you like to shower with nature, make sure you’re out of view from your neighbors. You do not want any unintended legal trouble.


Today’s outdoor showers are so much more than just a stall and a showerhead. Many homeowners take delight in creating a beautiful space that includes towel racks, shelves, lighting, and benches. We encourage you to make the space your own to for convenience and years of enjoyment.

We also encourage you to consult with a plumber when you begin the installation process. It’s important your existing outdoor plumbing is in good shape to support a new addition. At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we want you to have an outdoor shower you love free from leaks and other problems. To learn more about all the plumbing services we provide, call us schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber near you. We service communities throughout Southern California and are available today by calling (888) 668-8922.