Why Isn’t My Water Heating?

Are you freaking out because your water isn’t heating as fast or as warm as you think it should? Before you panic too much keep reading this article. We discuss some of the different reasons for the lack of hot water or poor heating.

The Pilot Light Is Off

The pilot light is the mechanism that fires up your water heater’s burner. If the pilot light is out or there’s something wrong with the ignitor, the water heater won’t heat. To check if this is the problem, located the pilot light’s control knob. Is it off? If so, switch it to the on position and that’s wrap. You should have hot water in a bit. But what if the knob is on? In this case, you need to keep troubleshooting.

The Gas Control Valve Is Bad

Do you have a gas-powered water heater? Give the heater a sniff. Do you notice a rotten egg smell? If you smell this odor, you likely have a gas line leak. This isn’t something to mess around with and you need to contact professional plumbers certified to work on gas lines immediately. Anytime there is a gas leak, even a small one, you must take it seriously.

Sediment in the Water Heater

Water heaters get dirty just like any other appliance in your home. The tanks need cleaning and flushing to remove sediment buildup. When sediment gathers in the water heater tank it starts to affect how fast the water heaters. It also causes burner problems and other mechanical failures that affect how well the water heater works. The good news is cleaning out the sediment isn’t an expensive job and it’s fairly easy. We recommend having your water heater flushed at least once a year, perhaps more if you have hard water. Talk to your plumber for their exact recommendation.

Defective Dip Tube

What exactly is the dip tube, you ask? Well, this is the tube that connects cold water at the top of the heater to the hot water at the bottom of the tank. When the dip tube cracks, cold water starts to leak into the tank. This could be what’s affecting your water temperature. If you have this problem, be prepared for an expensive plumbing repair. Many people find that the cost to replace the dip tube isn’t worth it and opt for water heater replacement instead.

Burnt Out Heating Element

Most water heaters have two burning elements. When water temperature drops off, call a plumber to inspect the burning elements. It’s possible one or both of the burners has gone out and needs replacing. Don’t wait too long to get this looked at. If only one burner is working, it’s going to be working overtime and there’s a higher chance it will go out before long too. When this happens, you won’t have access to even slightly warm water, only ice cold.

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