Commercial Flushometer Services

Commercial Flushometer Services by Commercial Plumbers Near YouThere’s no arguing that providing comfortable, functional restrooms for employees and customers is important. One way that business managers and property owners do this is by installing Flushometers. This flushing system provides powerful flow and sanitation options for commercial grade toilets. Unlike gravity-flush toilets, Flushometers clog less, experience fewer septic system issues, and resistant to tampering. Learn more about how your Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter plumber can install, repair, and maintain Flushometer toilet and urinal systems.

Flushing Problems

Commercial buildings with constant bathroom traffic need plumbing solutions that stand up to wear and tear. However, even the most tried and true products are susceptible to breakdowns, including Flushometer flushing systems. That being said, these systems have the capability of handling heavy traffic flow than traditional systems. With powerful bowl-clearing flush and metered water flow, clogs are harder to come by. Unfortunately, if they do clog, your janitorial staff may not know how to address the issue. That’s why you need to call a Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter plumber near you. We have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right for less mess and money.

Go Green

Everyone wants to do their part to create a happier, greener Earth. Flushometers help you do this with the dual-flushing “green” version. These toilets use 30 percent less water and are perfect for large building with many employees and customers. The water is metered based on whether liquid or solid waste is being flushed.

Hands-Free Flushing

Another Flushometer feature that companies love for sanitation purposes is the hands-free Flushometer. This automated feature uses sensing technology and eliminates manual flushing. This reduces the chances of germs being passed from one person to another. Hands-free Flushometers work great in any building, but especially schools, hospitals, airports, and hotels.

Someone you can trust

When you need precise commercial plumbing services, Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter is here for you! Not only do we have 60 years in the Southern California community, but we truly care about our customers’ experiences. Our licensed plumbers install all brands of plumbing fixtures. Additionally, we deploy plumbers 24 hours a day to replace, repair and maintain plumbing. We service all industries from schools and hospitals to small businesses and warehouses. Call us today to learn more about all of our services!