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Updated: May 25, 2016
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Anna B. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

John B helped us out with a clogged sink. He was very friendly and professional, fixed the issue quickly, and even gave us a 30 day guarantee. Thanks John!

Bryan S. – Sierra Madre, CA – 5 star

My sewer main had a blockage I noticed driving in on Sunday evening.  I called Wise Choice Monday morning and spoke to Angel.  I was able to set an appointment between noon and 2 pm that day.  Nick and Steve came on time with a very minor delay, and were personable and friendly.  They got right to work and had the line cleared within ten minutes or so.  We performed a camera inspection as well to locate the issue in my line.  I was impressed with their service.  Nick, Steve, their truck, and their equipment were all clean and I’ve never seen anything like the mechanism they use to lift their snake in and out of their truck, but it’s the way everyone should operate if they want to save their backs.  I would recommend Wise Choice and would use them again in the future.

Antoinette S. – Claremont, CA – 5 star

Ran into a major plumbing issue 2 weeks ago.  Called 3 different companies that I googled, the first company that came out made me feel like they were stealing my wallet without explaining the job at hand.
Thank goodness Wise Choice showed up.  Steve & Marcus explained the job at hand, & the crew, they are simply amazing.
Steve, Marcus and Robert are courteous, respectful and very dedicated to superior service.   The crew, don’t remember everyone’s name, but, Robert, Hector, Rafa, Chiquito and there were 2 others here that worked hard, didn’t stop till I had water…  After a full Re-plumb job, I am very satisfied with the fast, reliable, courteous service!!!   Wise Choice…  You are the bomb & Thee Wisest Choice!!!

Stewart K. – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA – 5 star

Called Wise Choice Plumbing for what I thought was a clogged kitchen and bathtub drain. Little did I know my kitchen pipe was broken inside the wall and the bathtub drain was cracked at the sewer line under the house.  John B worked hard to find the source of my problems and quoted me a fair price to change out the pipes under the house.  Then when checking the sewer line to the street, I found out the two sewer lines from the house to the main sewer line were cracked in multiple locations.  John B/Wise Choice was the bearer of the bad news, but worked his tail off to keep me informed of what was needed and what my options were as well as worked with me to get the costs of this major project to an acceptable amount, though, it hurt to have all this done when not expecting these major issues.  The project was finished quicker than expected and Wise Choice left my yard in great shape.  I would highly recommend Wise Choice Plumbing and especially would like to thank John B for a job well done.!

Nicole M. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA – 5 star

We noticed a leak in our garage coming from the wall and decided to call Wise Choice based on their Yelp reviews. Since I was sure the leak was only appearing once one of the showers was used, I set an appointment for the next day. Unlike other companies, Wise Choice had two-hour blocks instead of four, which was a nice change. Steve arrived within the two hours and helped me figure out it was the cap on the pipe in the garage, an easy fix and much cheaper than cutting into the ceiling as we first feared. Even though they were very busy, Jeff and Peter came before the end of the day to replace it. Prompt, kind, and courteous, we will definitely be using this company again.

Ken C. – Whittier, CA – 5 star

The sink in my kitchen backed up. Tried all the usual methods of avoiding the plumber, and their high fees, to unclog the drain to no avail. I had received a flier from Wise Choice advertising plumbing for $59 for any drain (with proper clean-out access). Skeptical, I called and scheduled an appointment for between 1:00PM and 3:00PM that afternoon.
The field technician, Jeff Ramon, arrived promptly shortly after 1:00PM. He presented himself professionally, and yes, he even smelled good. He rapidly assessed my problem, and had the situation quickly corrected; which took two passes of his ‘snake’ without an extra charge. Throughout the process Jeff was congenial and made no attempts to upsell. As promised, the fee was indeed only $59.
Jeff did a terrific job and I would highly recommend him and Wise Choice for any and all of your plumbing and rooting needs.

Sera K. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

I had to have my sewer line replaced and called a few places – Wise Choice offered the best price! They were friendly, arrived on time and did all the work in a timely manner. I have found my plumber for life.

Milo K. – Alhambra, CA – 5 star

Had a p-trap leakage on a Sunday and they were able to come in and fix it. Great service, fast, and efficient with a low charge! Can’t be happier with the result!

Lori G. – Aliso Viejo, CA – 5 star

Last weekend i was experiencing sewer problems inside my home.  So i called out a couple of plumbing companies that were unable to solve my problem. Rather than agreeing to paying thousands of dollars we agreed to get one last opinion .  we were referred to wise choice plumbing. After being told we need to replace our entire sewer line wise choice plumbing brought a jetter and were able to rescue us for under 1000.00. I am so grateful my friend referred us to this honest and trustworthy company. Which prevented us from spending thousands  of dollars do not have on unnecessary repairs.

Bobby C. – Aliso Viejo, CA – 5 star

Wise choice plumbing was definitely the wise choice for me!! After getting three bids to replace my entire sewer line they were by far the best price, and most dynamic in the way they do it.  They used trenchless technology.  Thanks wise choice plumbing.

Ann B. – San Marino, CA – 5 star

We had a stopped up bathroom sink and needed to call a plumber.  We had received a number of discount advertisements from at least 5 plumbers so I went on yelp to see what they had to say about each plumber.  All seemed to have good reviews so I picked Wise Choice and yes it was a wise choice.  The field technician who came to the house was John Blacker.  A very nice young gentleman who when he arrived took off his shoes a put on booties.  A practice that the company uses.  Next he went to check out our problem which I thought would have to blow out the pipe, but John said only a lot of hair and goop was causing the problem and it was fixed in a minute and he showed me how to fix the problem if it happens again.  Next plumbing problem was fixing a pipe on a very old sink.  He had to get the parts and I must say he really did a nice job making this old sink look good.  He was even happy the way the new stopper looked.  I highly recommend Wise Choice if you need a plumber.  They are good and fair with their prices.  I sure always will.  Wise Choice you will be my plumber choice always.  Thanks so much.  George and Ann Leal

 Miguel M. – Glendale, CA – 5 star

Marcus provided friendly professional and informative service regarding my household plumbing needs today. He thoroughly explained and reviewed what were the issues with regards to my kitchen drains being clogged and how I could address these issues now and in the future. Thanks Marcus!

Ana S. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

When I called Wise Choice plumbing and rooter to help fix the issue I was having, there dispatchers at the office were the best people to talk too and called back quickly. Andrew was the most helpful and politest dispatcher. He was very patient with me, efficient, and explained what the issue was in full detail to me. Aside from there excellent dispatchers, Wise Choice plumbing is yet the most professional company by far that I have worked with. They get 5 stars in my book!

Foodle T. – Fullerton, CA – 5 star

Fellow yelpers…
Words can not even begin to describe how awesome this service is.
I would like you to read the details of my initial review.
These guys just keep shining like a diamond in an industry filled with terrible people.
Wise Choice, you guys really are amazing. I wish there was more I can do for this company, this should be everyone’s go to emergency plumber.

Tiffany Anne G. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

I have as low draining bath tub drain. After I had another plumber not only break his snake in my bath tub drain, but leave my bath tub clogged completely, my HOA referred Wise Choice. Jeff was my technician and he was not only professional, charming, but determined to fix the issue. He did successfully unclog the drain, but I am back to the slow draining issue. Jeff has come out twice to work on this complex matter that is turning out to be a piping issue within my condominiums main lines. I am grateful for Jeff’s dedication in effortlessly trying snaking properly although the issue is a far larger matter. On Jeff’s second visit I was even sick with flu virus and he went to work not bothering me and and respectfully caring for his coming and going in and out of my unit.
I will continue to have my HOA work with Wise Choice for the next step to resolve this matter and for any other inside my condominium plumbing matters, Wise Choice is my first choice moving forward.

Jesus A. – Glendora, CA – 5 star

I discovered a water main break late in the afternoon. I called Wise Choice Plumbing and they came out to assess the issue right away. They gave me their assessment and we’re out the following morning to start the process. They kept me informed along the way. They found the issue and fixed it. I had my water on by that afternoon. Their pricing was fair and I found them to be very professional. Nick and his crew took very good care of us. They are definitely my go to plumbing company going forward. I highly recommend them.

James U. – Orange, CA – 5 star

Vincent is a true plumber that you can trust. Called Wise Choice plumbing after receiving an add in the mail. They helped unclogged a drain and didn’t try to upsell or overcharge.
Called yen back for another drain and got it cleared quick.
Sunday night emergency! Water heater leaking and dead. Service came out in a half hour. Quoted replacement and had it installed then exit day.

Professional, trustworthy and polite. I highly recommend Wise Choice. Check out their website for lots of coupons.

RK from Palos Verdes Penninsula – 5 star

I called Wise Choice Plumbing regarding the clogged up master bathroom toilet. Chris Moore, a technician from Wise Choice Plumbing arrived on time, and thoroughly and professionally explained the procedures he will be employing to address the problem. Chris was very professional and friendly. I feel fortunate to have found a great plumber and I know I will be calling Wise Choice Plumbing for my future plumbing needs.

Lisa I. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star
Update: 4/9/2016

This company is very efficient and reliable every time I need service. I’ve always received a same-day or next-day appointment. Nick has been super helpful in the past.
Today, Marcus provided excellent service to me and my broken water heater. He answered my extensive list of questions, was able to get the system working, and provided good recommendations for a permanent fix to the persistent problems I’ve experienced.

Lisa I. Older Review: 11/8/2015

Nick and his associates were truly fantastic – extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and reliable. Very quick response to my problem – I called in the morning, and they were at my place by late afternoon the same day. I would not hesitate to call them for service again.

Angela F. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

Friendly, professional and efficient! Vincent showed up on time (early actually!) and got right to work on the problem. He was thorough in assessing the situation, took the time to listen and understand the ongoing issues, and asked good questions. He was careful to make sure the drain was cleared and everything was working again before he left. He also gets bonus points for being a dog person, my pup loved him!

Ellen S. – Pasadena, CA – 5 star

I had a need for a plumber at my business in Pasadena. It’s not a normal clean out access, but I’ve had this business for 17 years and have handled this problem many times in the past. Other plumbers I’ve used in the past have told me I don’t know what I’m talking about and pull the toilet, then when that doesn’t work I ask them to try the way I asked them to do it and, guess what, 15 minutes later it’s fixed. I decided to call Wise Choice and what a wise choice it was. The plumber, John Blacker, arrived 10 minutes early. He was very friendly and willing to listen. I explained it, and though he had concerns he did what I asked and shortly we were parting waves and he could rescue some other damsel in distress. Thank you John Blacker and Wise Choice Plumbing, you have a new customer.

Sara B. – Santa Monica, CA – 5 star

Thank you Wise Choice! I called you Sunday to help unclog a sink full of draino at a rental house. I received a callback immediately. Chris came to the rescue was very professional, fast & courteous. I was expecting the usual $150 weekend charge…nope $59!! I’m so happy to find Wise Choice! I highly recommend them!!! They even do a free camera service ! Amazing! 🙂

David W. – Orange, CA – 5 star

This company was easy to schedule came over in about 2 hours cleaned out a drain and charged me $55 exactly the price i was quoted. My plumber’s name was Vincent he was very professional!!! I would use this company again but hopefully I won’t need to.

Joe R. – Los Alamitos, CA – 5 star

These guys are great. I called with a slow draining mop sink and the came out late Friday, on time, and worked on it and couldn’t get it to drain. So they came back the next morning, that would be a Saturday at 8:15 am, with reinforcement and solve the problem in no time. This drain had issues a couple of years ago and the plumber I called, which I will never call again, threw up there hands and said they could resolve the issue. Wise Choice will be my one and only plumber in the future for both home and business….thanks guys

Darryl R. – San Diego, CA – 5 star

Art was our plumber. Fast efficient and polite. Got the job done at the agreed price.

Mark H. – Seal Beach, CA – 5 star

You know how you feel when you look in your rear view mirror and see the flashing light and the siren blares and you pull over and the officer says, “May I see your license and registration?” If you’re like me, your heart skips a beat and the hands get clammy and the dread of what is to come. Pretty much the same as visiting a dentist.

So imagine how I felt when the ground in front of my home began to sink (while I was away for the week) and I received the call from home, “we got a sink hole happening”. Yup, I’d rather visit the dentist.

I got home and immediately began digging in the sink hole to try to determine what the ##!! was going on. After getting down two or more feet and not having really hit anything but dry soil, I began to think that I’m directly above where the sewer line runs and that sinking feeling began to swell.

I reviewed several Internet sites and decided to give Wise Choice a call, many factors were considered but the fact that it was a Sunday and you know how much the charge for Sunday emergency plumbing can be. Chris Moore was our contact and although the actual crew wouldn’t be available until the next few days, Christ got out his shovel and not only confirmed that the main sewer line had collapsed, but gave me several option of what I might be facing. We had some relief in that the excavation that he performed enabled us to make it through until the crew could come to perform what we ultimately decided to do and that was the new “trench-less” drain system. We then got further bad news that other pipes under our home would not last long without the minimum of their being lined.

The net result was that Chris Moore and his crew were extremely meticulous and thorough in completing the project. It took longer than originally planned because of the additional agreed upon work. When the job was completed, everything was as good as new and it was almost impossible to tell that the entire front yard was 5 feet high with piles of earth.

I heartily recommend contacting these folks, they may not be the cheapest, but I’ve found that usually you get what you pay for and in the end, you are spending money to maintain your biggest investment, and isn’t it worth a little more to know that you will be very happy in the end? That is a big mouthful coming from me, because I’m usually the person who searches for the best deal, but in this case, I found Chris very sincere and if I ever need anything done in the future with plumbing in my home, I will be calling Wise Choice with confidence.

Thank you for being there when we needed you!!!!! Although looking forward to seeing the dentist is not something I’m going to compare it to, if its necessary I won’t hesitate to get my work done by people that I feel confident in and these folks get AAAAA+++++ from me.

Mark Horowitz
Seal Beach

Michael Z. – West Covina, CA – 5 star

Amazing service. They’re on time, courteous, respectful, they don’t lie to you to get more money, they get the job done right the first time and will do anything to save you money if they can. That’s how you make a successful honest business. Robert was our main guy and he is just fantastic. He even came over at night to replace our hot water heater, and he had it done fast and did it right. They also redid all the pipes in our house. I highly recommend Robert and wise choice plumbing. I applaud you guys. Fantastic job.

Ronnie B. – Los Angeles, CA – 4 star

Vincent was courteous, honest, and very professional. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who needs some plumbing work done.

Dave S. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

Vincent arrived within the specified window & was extremely professional & courteous. I had a blocked toilet that we had not been able to unclog with a plunger after multiple tries. Vincent plunged it a couple of times & the clog was gone (I think I loosened it – ha).

I was slightly embarrassed that I had called them for this, but Vincent reassured me that these things can happen. I was beyond thrilled when he offered not to charge me, as he hadn’t needed to do anything but use my plunger. Most companies would have charged me regardless. It is unusual to come across a company that treats it’s customers so well. I am extremely appreciative of this KINDNESS.

I will definitely use Wise Choice again. This was a very Wise Choice. Thank you Vincent.

Laura H. – Azusa, CA – 5 star

Technician John came out early on Sunday morning of the New Year’s weekend to install a new toilet. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and did a great job at a great price. I would highly recommend Wise Choice Plumbing!

Steve O. – Pomona, CA – 5 star

Called for service on my main line clog on News Years day and while they would have come out I said I’ll wait until Saturday. Jerry showed up took care of my clogs in less then 30 mins. Very good service and very good honest price…

Tina F. – Monrovia, CA – 5 star

Thanks so much wise choice plumbing! You saved our household! All toilets were clogged including bathtub and shower backing up. Art and his team got everything working in top condition again. I highly recommend this company! They know what they are doing!.

Tim and Tina

Cecilia R. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

I don’t usually endorse a company on here but this company is worth it. Best prices, no hidden fees , great work and prompt weekend service. Will definitely use them again!!

Josie T. – Rowland Heights, CA – 5 star

The came and fix the leak!!!

Delila R. – La Puente, CA – 5 star

I had issue with both of my restrooms which lead into everything backing up in to my showers. After calling around and not sounding reassuring From other companies, I called and spoke to rep with Wise and reassured me and were at my home with in 90 mins!!! A technician name Jerry came out and was very nice, professional and informative. Got the job done in a reasonable amount of time with a REASONABLE COST!!! Thank Jerry! And Wise plumbing

Aleli C. – Glendale, CA – 5 star

We had an emergency where our bathroom leaked on a Sunday. I called at 9:45 in the morning and was given an arrival window of 10:30-12:30. Art came out around 12. He identified the problem and solved it very quickly. He also offered us a reasonable quote on replacing a pipe on our main sewer line. Art’s service was professional and efficient. We will definitely call him again..

Elana B. – West Hollywood, CA – 5 star

Vincent A from the Glendora location came in today to help with a flood on my patio. He went above and beyond, was extremely helpful and kind. Will definitely call next time I need plumbing help.

William N. – Culver City, CA – 5 star

Vincent was great. Knowledgeable and polite. I’ll call for his help again in the future.

Steve S. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star
12/01/2015 *Updated review

I highly recommend this crew. These guys were awesome, especially Art!. They were on time and came at 9pm on a Friday, they were efficient and cleared the backed up drain pipe under my house in less than 10 minutes. They were $70 cheaper than the minimum (!) charge Ritz quoted for them just to show up. I will be bringing Wise Choice back out to service both of my water heaters and for anything else that ever comes up.

David S. – Silverado, CA – 5 star

Couldn’t ask for better service. Art and his assistant were in and out in less than 10 minutes. Shower drains, all is well in the world.

Rachel P. – Aliso Viejo, CA – 5 star

Jerry and Angel came out to snake a clogged drain that was snaked out 2 months earlier by a “smell good” plumber. A few small roots had been catching stuff. I was told by the other company that I had a root problem and needed the pipes cleared with a Hydrojet treatment (quoted price of $1400) or a full “clean out” (quoted price $6200!!!). Jerry and Angel did a quick snake of the drain, ran a camera down the line and took a look. They had me look as well and we could not find evidence of any roots and none had come out with the snake. The pipes appeared to be in good condition and I needed neither the Hydrojet nor the full clean out. The only explanation for the pipes clogging so quickly was perhaps not all of the dried tissue, etc had been cleared before?
These guys are awesome and most of all HONEST. I asked, for information sake, how much they would charge for those 2 things and it would have been WAY less expensive. I’m so glad they saved me from being ripped off, and when I really do need plumbing repairs I’m calling Wise Choice. Highly recommended.

Michael K. – Diamond Bar, CA – 5 star

Today, Art came in and fixed our garbage disposal blockage. Super helpful and thankful for his expertise and willingness to resolve the issue!

Tracy W. – Glendora, CA – 5 star

We called Wise Choice because our kitchen sink wasn’t draining. Nick was great! He showed up on time explained the problem and our options. Great to have professional honest service.

Heather P. – Placentia, CA – 5 star

Today Vince came to my home to unclog a drain line from the kitchen to the main line and he got the job done. He is also very friendly, professional and polite and I will call them next time I need a plumber. I would recommend him to anybody looking to hire a plumber. Thanks Vince for good service and very reasonable price!

Debbie K. – Fullerton, CA – 5 star

Vincent came out to my house for a clogged drain. He came at the time they had promised, which is important for me. He was very pleasant and friendly and went beyond just unclogging the drain at no added cost. He took things apart and cleaned them all up. This was the third time we had this particular sink unclogged and he was showing the signs that there was a problem probably with our pipe that has caused continual back ups.

Thank you for the great work Vincent!

Amber K. – Sun City, CA – 5 star

Art helped my family out with our kitchen sink he and his crew arrived early and took care of us. He was very clear on what was going on and told us what caused it and was a great help to our family. Thank you Art

Tamara M. – Huntington Beach, CA – 5 star

Today, Sunday, Art came to check out a clog in my kitchen sink. He was very nice, professional and got my sink working within the hour. It was same day service and they arrived on time. We definitely appreciate service and the added tips to keep things running smooth. Thank you Art!

Brandi M. – Monterey Park, CA – 5 star

Today, Sunday, Vincent came out to check out a leak under our kitchen sink.
We were told it was a certain part which would cost over $100.00 including labor. We agreed to it but After he removed the part to replace it ,he discovered that the part was missing some putty which would seal the part and remove the leak. In doing so, he said we would save $100.00
We definitely appreciate his honesty. On top of that he was courteous and friendly and very professional and made it known that we could call him with any other issues.

Thank you Vincent !

Dave C. – Santa Monica, CA – 5 star

Art came out on time and fixed my clogged bathroom sink in record time. He was very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Wise Choice. They are the best!

Taylor B. – La Crescenta-Montrose, CA – 5 star

I don’t give 5 stars easily, but Nick and his guys are amazing! The first time I used this company was when I purchased my first home and the plumbing was a total nightmare. They were on time, quick with repairs, and very polite. The second time I needed one of my toilets fixed. They were able to come out the same day and installed a new toilet. I’ve dealt with other plumbing companies in the past and have had terrible experiences. Not with Wise Choice! I can’t rave about them enough!!

Cedric Z. – Torrance, CA – 5 star

Wow! Finally a plumbing company that treats your emergency as an emergency! I couldn’t be happier with my choice to call Wise Choice – from the customer service on the phone, to the prompt arrival of the service technician. They were courteous, friendly, explained the work performed and did it all after 9pm and in under an hour – problem solved with a 30 day guarantee to boot. I still can’t believe it. Thank you Wise Choice, I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends and anybody else who needs professional plumbing service at a fair and reasonable price. You are now my go to for all my plumbing needs.

Jennifer R. – Diamond Bar, CA – 5 star

These guys are top notch!!! Honest, reliable and hard working. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

M.N. – Santa Ana, CA – 5 star

I called Wise Choice and they were able to come out the next day to help fix my problem. Nick was great and took care of the valve very quickly. He even made sure to apply the coupon to the job. The valve looks good and I’m glad I have a warranty on it.

Lioness S. – La Crescenta, CA – 5 star

Wise choice is seriously the wisest choice you can make!!! Nick Wise is an amazing guy who is very knowledgable with experience and knows exactly what needs to be done. Plumbing problems can become a nightmare and sometimes other companies cannot get to you in time or end up charging you ridiculous prices!! But Wise choice is the best choice for any plumbing issues and I would highly recommend them to everyone!! Quick, efficient, and worthy of service!! They are very fair in pricing and their customer service skills are unbeatable!!
I am so glad I found them and now after years of plumbing problems, I refuse to call any other plumbing service except for Wise Choice Plumbing and Rooter!!! =)

Rebecca O. – Anaheim, CA – 5 star

The name says it all! I had what I thought was a simple clogged drain, so I called Wise Choice because I saw an ad for a drain cleaning special. However, after snaking my drain, Vincent thought that there may be something more going on. He put the camera through my pipe and, sure enough, our very old house had a very old ceramic main sewer pipe that was cracked, crumbling and filled with roots and dirt. Yikes. This is not news that anyone wants to hear. However, from the start, Vincent made this process easy. He showed me everything that was going on so I could see what the damage was. He explained it all calmly and thoroughly. And, the costly (but fairly priced) pipe replacement could be financed, making it easier for us to swallow.

Even though it wasn’t Vincent’s fault, we were a little disappointed that the originally quoted 18 months no interest financing was changed to 12 months no interest before the job was done. I guess the terms had recently changed, unbeknownst to Vincent. Still nice to have the financing, but I wish we had 18 months to pay it off instead of 12. This is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Vincent and his crew showed up the next morning ready to work and replaced the entire main sewer pipe same day without having to dig up my entire yard! This was impressive. They even came back the following day to finish up some other necessary repairs that cropped up when they got a closer look at the pipes under our house. We now have a warranty and peace of mind that our pipes will be sound for as long as we own the house and then some.

Vincent and his crew were professional, friendly, kind, and efficient. We now have a personal plumber that we will call for any future plumbing needs.

Amanda P. – Hermosa Beach, CA – 5 star

We use WiseChoice at multiple properties and we have not had any issues. They are very knowledgable plumbers with a lot of experience. The prices are the best around as well as the quality of work. Thanks Nick!

Elaine N. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

Their customer service went above and beyond our expectations! The staff was courteous and respectful and they worked until our stubborn clog was cleared. When contacting service providers there’s often a certain amount of uncertainty about honesty and competence. With Wise Choice we now have 100% confidence and they have a customer for life!

James T. – Redondo Beach, CA – 5 star

They cleaned the main line drain with a big snake and then ran a camera thru it. I have been having problems with my main drain. This is the third time within a month that I have had to have someone come out. This is the first time I used Wise Choice. Their snake pulled out a mass of roots the size of a small cat. When they ran the camera thru the line I could see more roots. They said I should replace the pipes. Seems like a lot of money I will have to get a second opinion. But a very reasoable price for coming out on a Sunday.

Tony F. – Redondo Beach, CA – 5 star

Nick, Vince, and the whole team were absolutely the best. Our home in Torrance had major sewage and plumbing issues. Nick was able to diagnose the problem, and was transparent about the issue, the risks, and our options. The pricing was very fair, and the crew was able to start immediately. Previously, when we’d call, they were able to come out the same day. They handled all permits, cleanup and patching. We were so happy we went with Wise Choice Plumbing. They serve the South Bay communities as well.
Wise Choice has always been able to solve our plumbing issues in all our previous residences, in El Segundo, Redondo Beach, and Torrance.

Tarek H. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

These guys are awesome. they were very honest and told me everything like it is. I appreciate your help guys.

Charles S. – Walnut, CA – 5 star

Used rooter to clear kitchen drain pipe and also repair the pipe which had broken from its mounting. Arrived on time and completed work professionally.

Angel S. – Montebello, CA – 5 star

I had a clogged kitchen sink so I started looking for a plumber on yelp and found wise choice plumbing !! They had really good reviews so I tried them and I was amazed how good they were! They send out jerry he was professional and honest ! He cable my sink and unclogged it and gave some pointers on how to maintain my sink from clogging up…last but not least he smelled good! Thanks wise choice plumbing !!

Richard M. – Pasadena, CA – 5 star

If you’re looking for an honest and professional plumbing crew then Nick Wiseman and his crew at Wise Choice Plumbing and Rooter of Glendora are who you should call.

I had a plumbing nightmare that needed to be resolved immediately so I called Wise Choice Plumbing and Rooter/Nick Wiseman based on a recommendation. I was very impressed with their timeliness, professionalism, and great price. I am VERY happy with the work that they did and I highly recommend them.

While I was out of town on a work trip when the plumbing was replaced at my house, Wise Choice made me feel comfortable by keeping in regular phone contact with me and giving me status updates.

Additionally, I was sent photos of the progress. My Dad stopped by my house a couple of times throughout the day to check up – the crew showed my Dad the damaged pipes using their video camera and explained what they were going to do. My Dad agreed with Wise Choice’s assessment of the situation and gave the go-ahead.

When I returned, Wise Choice had cleaned up the front yard as if nothing had been disturbed. Woo-hoo! I’m a happy camper. A big thanks to Nick and his crew.

Amanda G. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 star

Nick and Vince are amazing! I have used wise choice plumbing several times. My little one is always flushing toys down the toilet. Most recently I had the sewage come up into my backyard . Fair prices, great work and kind.

Foodie T. – Fullerton, CA – 5 star

My floor drain was clogged and caused a nasty flood last Friday evening at approximately 11pm, yes, 11pm! A business associate told me to call Wise Choice, it was a shot in the dark and lucky for me(now you) it was a direct hit. They showed up in about an hour. They came from Glendora to Fullerton. Immediately snaked the drain and had the waste water flowing out of the place.
I won’t discuss the price but let me just say that it was SUPER FAIR!!! I’ve had plumbers show up to unjam a disposal and charged me $300 for just knocking in the door.

Nick, thank you so much for taking care of the matter in such a professional manner. You and your company are the shining stars in an industry filled with corrupt business practices. You’ll be my first (Wise)choice for any plumbing issues that might arise in the future.

Christina G. – Beaumont, CA – 5 star

Vincent A. was great. Professional, quick, and gave me all the info about adding a main sewer line clean out. We used the Valupak coupon so the price was great too!

Maria K. – Glendora, CA – 5 star

Nick came to our house on the early side of the 2 hour time window given on Sunday. He was profession, quick removing a broken pipe, and very reasonably priced for our weekend plumbing emergency. We look forward to calling them again to help us with our washer drain in the near future.

Jon L. – Santa Monica, CA— 5 star

Vince did a great job. He went above and beyond. He even figured out why our drain plugs up every couple months and came up with a solution.

David B. – Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA— 5 star

Just had a service call from Vincent A of Wise Choice Plumbing. I asked him to snake/cable the shower drain in my guest bathroom. He arrived promptly; was very courteous, professional and clean; and fixed my problem quickly – all for a very good price. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend his company.

Priscila D. – Glendora, CA— 5 star

These guys were amazing! I had am emergency and they arrived within the hour and were professional, courteous and got the job done quick. Price was good too, had a special for $139, cheaper then any other competitors in the area.

Chris W. – Los Angeles, CA— 5 star

Wise choice fixed are toilet at are Business, the plumber Vincent was really nice and did a great job they will be are New plumbing company if we need service.

Leonard S. – Santa Rosa, CA— 5 star

Had Vincent A out to my Anaheim home to clean a kitchen drain. Did a efficient job, First tried the rooter then switched to the hydro jet. The drain has always had chronic problems because the home is old and the drain pipes are smaller than what modern day codes call for, so expected they would have to use the jet. Vincent took care of the problem and showed me some dirt that was also coming out so will probably need to replace the pipe. which I already knew,

Shawn L. – Glendora — 5 star

Great service at a great price. From the dispatcher to Vincent and Jesus who took care of my pluming matters in minutes. I truly appreciated my wise choice. I definitely will use them again in the future.

E.M. – Glendora — 5 star

Simply the best! I had a backed up drain. The staff on the phone when I called was professional and cordial. William, the plumber who came, was on time went right to work, discussed the problem with me. He was friendly, professional, neat, and concerned about not tracking any dirt or pipe sludge around the house. He finished the job quickly and suceeded where another plumber I called could not clear the obstruction. The price was below the competition as well. I would recommend this company without hesitiation.

Scott P. – Los Angeles — 5 star

Service man, Vincent will do anything to solve your plumbing issues. You will be happy with the service and knowledge he brings to your house.

Rory G. – Los Angeles — 5 star

Need plumbing services? Call Wise Choice Plumbing! They are reliable and affordable. I had a major plumbing problem they arrived in no time and got the problem fixed! Thank you Jerry for your professionalism and good customer service!

John G. – Santa Ana — 5 star

After I completely failed at my attempt to clear my bathroom drain, ruining my parts in the process, I finally called Wise Choice at about 10pm on a Sunday night, and was amazed someone answered. I set up an appointment between 3 and 4 the next day, and again, pleasantly surprised the plumber (Vincent) showed up right on the dot! He checked out the situation, cleared the blockage, went to get parts, came back, and had the whole thing done by 4:30. He went to two different stores to match our brushed nickel hardware. He was pleasant, efficient, and made sure everything was perfect. Couldn’t be more pleased!

Maria C. Alhambra — 5 star

Excellent plumbing company !!!! Nick and William are truly amazing . What I love about this company is that they are available when you need them, they deliver quality service and best of all their prices are reasonable . William went the extra mile for our plumbing needs . Very professional and extremely reliable !!!! Thank you !

Sunny W. Tustin — 5 star

I highly recommend this company. I read all the 5 star reviews and can tell you that they are all accurate. I have a problem with my shower getting clogged from my long hair and Wise Choice Plumbing was able to come and clear the drain right up. I was very happy with the results. They arrived on time and were very professional. There were no surprises… like, extra charges. He explained what he was going to do and did a wonderful job. You will be very pleased with the professional work and the reasonable prices.

Yvonne P. West Covina — 5 star

Things could have gone VERY badly! What we thought was a “small” job turned into a major project that required a total revamping of our home’s water system including cutting off the slab connection, inserting PEX into our walls, & ceiling, a City inspection, and 2-1/2 days of patching to return our home to its normal state. Our only salvation was that we called “Wise Chose Plumbing” in Glendora, CA. Guess it must have been fate because we really didn’t know who to call, but received a mailer on the day we needed help.

Our horrid story began when both my husband & I thought that we’d used the front patio hose & that was the reason for our wet brick walkway. Golly were we wrong! Following a preliminary search, we discovered a leak that was dripping from behind the vinyl siding covered garage. Darn!
At first we thought our problem was too small for “Wise Choice Plumbing” to handle, but we gave it a shot. We made our appointment & as promised 1/2 hour before his arrival, we received a call from Vince (our Plumber).
Following Vince’s inspection, we realized that the culprit was a corroded pipe that was embedded in the concrete garage footing. In order to replace the errant pipe, a jackhammer was required to break through the cement footing, We received a written quotation for repairs, agreed on the price (less discounts that were noted on the mail flyer), and Vince returned the following morning, removed the footing & cut a 17″ square in our garage floor.

Although Vince had turned off the water to this location, while he dug saturated clay dirt from the area, the hole continued to fill with water. Turning off all the water to the house, Vince was able to drain the hole, slowly turn the water back on, and found that we had not only one, but two leaks; the one that we realized, and another one leading from our house cement slab. The work was halted, Vince called his Supervisor, and the following morning, accompanying Vince was, Nick Wiseman (Field Supervisor) who inspected our home,discussed the options, wrote a formal home improvement contract, and the work of severing the slab connection & rerouting our water connection via the use of PEX began the following morning.

Fretting about the state of ones home during this process serves no purpose, but we are very thankful for the care that was shown by all of the Wise Choice Plumbing crew. From the four men rerouting crew led by Roberto, to the City Inspector, and finally to Rafael & Jose (the finishers) who patched the numerous holes a heartfelt thank you for shrouding everything in plastic, protecting our hardwood floors, and cleaning the work site (our home) every evening before they left after working hard throughout the day.

We appreciate everyone’s professionalism, and skill in handling this difficult situation. As reflected in our Yelp score, we highly recommend “Wise Choice Plumbing” in Glendora, CA for all of your plumbing needs.

Danielle P. Glendora — 5 star

I too made the “Wise Choice” when I called this company! Their promptness, professionalism & courtesy were indeed everything you look for in a plumbing company. They left zero mess & were very knowledgeable. Their prices will be hard to beat! I fully recommend this company to anyone in need!

Pamela L. Costa Mesa — 5 star

I can’t say enough good things about this company. We called Friday evening to ask about prices etc…We explained our problem and first they asked if it was an emergency (it wasn’t) then asked if Tomorrow was okay. We said as long as it was in the morning that would be great. They gave us a window of 8-9am and got there a bit after 8am on a Saturday for no extra charge. They were fast, Professional and did a great job.
We are thrilled with the job they did and will definitely call them for all of our future plumbing needs.

Thank you!

Anthony Y. La Crescenta — 5 star

Decided to call Wise Choice after I had a different company out early in the week only to have the same problem come up. They responded quickly to my call and were able to get the work done that afternoon. I appreciated the fast response time, quality work, and reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend Wise Choice to anyone looking for quality plumbing, completed on-time, for a better price.

Trishy L. Whittier — 5 star
11/18/ 2014

Ok Starting off what a “WISE CHOICE” indeed! I called for a estimate on Monday. Got the work done the next day! Nick was thorough and honest and very knowledgeable. I did not pay a penny past the very reasonable quote I received from him. I have received over four quotes in the past for sewer line in the past and they were so staggering I just had my line Jetted.So I had my line in from the the end of my cast iron to 6 feet from curb. Wise choice crew started at 9 ish finished at 3:15 pm same day! They showed each phase to me make sure of my understanding and satisfaction. 25 year warranty. Clean uniformed crew.
Not only that he accommodated my neighbor and investigated his situation and was very polite.

Richard W. La Canada — 5 star
11/ 17/ 2014

Had a broken disposal and called around to several places. This place was the only place that was able to come out right away and they charged $75 less than the other places I called to install a new disposal. Would highly recommend them for your plumbing needs.