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Basement plumbing services by licensed plumbers near youThe more often you use certain plumbing components, the more knowledgeable you feel. Because you use bathroom and kitchen fixtures like sinks, pipes, faucets, and showers often, you tend to have a better idea of how these things work. When you need basement plumbing repair, even a small amount of knowledge can help you troubleshoot the cause and possible solutions.

Utility room and basement plumbing is a little different. These areas of the house are less familiar to people, so it can be harder to determine what’s going on when leaks sprout or other problems arise. Basement plumbing often has a few common plumbing-related problems.

When you’re unsure how to fix these problems, schedule a service with Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter online. Or, if you prefer to call, do that. We’ll send a licensed plumbing and drain technician to your home right away.

Basement Plumbing

Sump pumps: Sump pumps are often found in homes with finished basements as an extra precaution against flooding. Basement flooding is extremely destructive and should be avoided at all costs. The pump’s responsible for moving water away from the house to the nearest storm drain. Sump pumps come in electric and battery-powered models. If you have questions about sump pumps, contact a Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter professional. We help homeowners with repair, replacement, and installation services.

Floor drains: Another way to prevent basement flooding it to clear the space around floor drains. Sometimes, dirt and other debris get caught in the drain, which ends up clogging the line. To protect your basement from destructive flooding, call a Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter pro to clean drains, clear clogs, and inspect floor drain traps for congestions.

Utility Room Plumbing

Water heaters: Inarguably, this is one of the most important plumbing fixtures in your home. Without hot water, you can’t cook or clean well, and doing laundry a chore (pun intended). The most obvious signs of a problem are when water pools around the unit. This is often because something is leaking.

Another sign of water heating problems is when you can’t access hot water from your kitchen and bathroom faucets. Also, water that is rust-colored or smells bad, is an indication that you have a problem with your water heater.

If you suspect you have a water heater issue, connect with a Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter plumber. Our pros find problems fast and also make emergency calls 24/7. Need to replace your water heater? We can help you find the best replacement model and install the new machine, too.

Washing machines: If you have a leak in your laundry room, your washing machine is probably the problem. Washing machines leak and break for many reasons. From clogs drains to damaged pipes, nothing is too difficult for our pros to repair. Call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter right away if your machine isn’t working. Our plumbers fix plumbing-related washing machine problems quickly to get your laundry room back in its best shape.

Check out these top maintenance tips to ensure your basement and utility room is always working at its best:
  • Test your sump pump frequently. Always make sure your sump pump is working well. We recommend homeowners test their sump pumps before heavy rainfall is expected. It’s easy to do this. First, pour a full bucket of water into the sump pipe. This simple action should activate the sump pump. The pump should remove the water if it is working properly.
  • Regularly inspect your washing machine hoses. Washing machine hoses break down over time. Homeowners who check their machine’s hoses for tears or cracks keep leaks and potential flooding at bay. In addition, we also recommend that you check to make sure the machine’s hose isn’t kinked or squished. Simple checks like these can save you money and help avoid emergency plumbing repairs.

Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter knows that you depend on us for prompt, effective residential plumbing and drain cleaning services. When you need help with basement plumbing repair or utility room plumbing repairs, you can depend on our pros for dependable, lasting. We show up to your home in a Wise Choice vehicle, and all our pros are in company uniforms.