Bathroom Water Pipe Relocation Services

Bathroom pipe relocation services by your community plumbers.Sometimes it’s necessary to relocate pipes during a bathroom renovation. Although tempted to save some cash and do this job yourself, we have one word of advice – Don’t. Bathroom water pipe relocation requires precise planning and requisite knowledge of residential plumbing. The average do-it-yourself homeowner does not have the skills to complete this type of bathroom plumbing job successfully. That’s why it is always better to hire professional plumbers like those at Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter.

Bathroom Water Pipe Relocation

When moving pre-existing water pipes, it’s critical that you determine where the main line connects to your bathroom. The main line provides water to all your plumbing components. Once determining the location of these lines, next solder the existing connections to the new plumbing. Most homes in Southern California have copper pipes, especially older homes. However, if you have a newer build, the piping material may be CPVC or PEX. A lot of homeowners opt to upgrade to plastic piping for cold water plumbing. In cases like this, the plumber will use a transition fitting to connect the different pipes so you don’t have to worry about pipe replacement.

Professional tip: PEX tubes are more flexible than copper and many homeowners choose this style of piping so they can have more freedom with their design. However, too many angles and odd fittings restrict water pressure. Therefore, whenever you’re able to install piping in a straight line, that’s always best for performance.

Of all bathroom plumbing installation, drainpipe installation is the simplest. Licensed plumbers at Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter install drainpipes according to code and ensure proper waste removal and venting. Municipal codes require venting for all drains for safety. Unfortunately, older homes don’t always have vents. In a case like this, it’s important to work with a plumber and ensure that the proper steps are taken to meet code requirements.

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Renovating an existing bathroom adds value to your home, but even the simplest renovation project is complex and long. To make sure that all parts of the plumbing system work together, always consider the benefits of hiring a qualified plumber. The process won’t be as taxing and the results guaranteed to meet your expectations. It also may be required by law. So, call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter today to learn more!