Bathroom Faucet Installation

Bathroom Faucet Installation from Plumbers Near YouAre you considering replacing your sink because the faucet isn’t working? Before you do something so drastic, consider a cheaper alternative – bathroom faucet installation and replacement. Replacing a tap as well as showerhead repair is a relatively inexpensive plumbing repair that many homeowners can do themselves. Of course, if you’re not sure you want to tackle this job, give us a call. Our Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter plumbers are just a phone call away for repairs or maintenance!

How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet

Before you go shopping for a new faucet make sure you know what type of tap you need. Common faucet types are single-holed faucets, 4” triple hole faucets, and 8” inch triple hole faucets. Make sure your sink is compatible with the type of faucet you want to buy.

Before you begin any work turn off the water supply to the sink. You can find the shut-off valve under the sink. Of course, if you can’t find this valve, go ahead and turn off the main water valve. Next, relieve the pressure in the faucet by draining the water. Once the area is dry, disconnect the faucet from the sink and the water supply lines. You may need to remove the P-trap to make more room to work. If you choose to disconnect the P-trap, place a bucket underneath the are to catch water.

Check Your Toolbox

Do you have the right tools and accessories? To make this plumbing repair, you’ll need a basic wrench and a small bowl to keep nuts, washers, and other pieces from getting lost. To finish the installation, you need plumber’s putty to protect against leaks. If the faucet came with installation tools, hang on to these. They may be needed for repairs or replacement in the future. Read the manufacturer installation instructions carefully. Each faucet requires precise installation to protect any attached warranties.

Call a Professional for Faucet Installation

If you’re unsure about installing the faucet, call a professional. The last thing you want to happen is for your new faucet not to work and not be protected by the warranty because of poor installation. Our licensed plumbers install faucets in their sleep. Well, not really, but we could if we needed to.

After you’re done installing the faucet, you need to test the hot and cold water. Also, check drainpipes and water supply lines for leaks. Tighten if necessary.

Replacing a faucet can improve usage, reduce leaks and water loss, and updates your bathroom. Have questions? No worries! We can help. Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter is available today to answer any questions you have about faucet repair and replacement.