Bathroom & Shower Leak Repair Services

Bathroom Leak Repair Services by Plumbers Near YouThe web of pipes, fixtures, and appliances threaded throughout your home make up one of the most complex systems on the property. Locating the source of a plumbing problem isn’t always a simple task. In fact, it’s possible for a remote section of pipe to loosen or crack and go unnoticed for a long time. Consequently, this wastes water and causes damage to your property. Professional bathroom leak detection and repair such as showerhead replacement protects your home from water damage.

Bathroom Plumbing Pipe Repair

As a homeowner, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to the state of your bathroom plumbing components. For example, a sudden drop in water pressure warns of a leak in the supply lines. Even the smallest crack allows a significant amount of water to escape the pipes.  Also be alert for signs of mold growth throughout the home. Moisture from a leaking pipe encourages the growth of organisms that cause both cosmetic damage and health hazards. The unexpected appearance of mold in your home indicates a pipe leak.

Even if mold doesn’t exist, water from faulty pipes rot wooden floors and destroy layers of paint. Have you noticed a stain on the ceiling or changes in the texture of the walls? Consider this fair warning that a leak exists. Additionally, water from leaks also creates a distinct musty odor in rooms with poor air circulation.

Shower and Faucet Repair

Even if you pinpoint water damage within the home, it doesn’t mean the leak is readily accessible from that room. Water runs along the pipes and other surfaces for a distance before accumulating. A reliable way to locate hidden leaks is to conduct a full system inspection. Therefore, we always recommend calling a professional for leak detection, shower, and faucet repair.

Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter technicians use a mobile video camera to get a direct view of the insides of your pipes.  This method helps to find the exact location of the crack without tearing up floors. Once identifying the problem’s source, work begins immediately.

Bathroom Leak Detection and Repair

Any kind of pipe leak is a serious matter, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you need leak detection and repair or preventive maintenance services. Our technicians are available for emergency appointments 24/7, so you can depend on us to find and fix leaks in your home whenever you need assistance.