Toilet Leak Repair

Local plumbers for toilet leak repair today.Does a toilet in your home run constantly? If so, this is a strong indication that you have a toilet leak that needs running toilet repair. Tanks get their fair share of toilet leaks thanks to broken tank parts, leaky fill valves, and faulty flapper valves. When your household toilets need toilet leak repair, call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter. We offer 24-hour emergency toilet repair and replacement services that are affordable and accurate.

How to Repair Toilet Leaks

Want to repair toilet leaks yourself? This plumbing repair is something that is perfect for do-it-yourselfers. Check out these professional tips for basic repair options.

READ THIS FIRST – Did you remember to turn off the water and flush the toilet? Before you start any toilet repair, disconnect the supply line and make sure everything is dry. Now you’re ready to make repairs.

Fill Valve Replacement

Need to replace the fill valve? Remove the existing fill valve and take it with you to the store to ensure you get the right replacement part. Read the instructions on the package before replacing the valve. Most toilets use the same installation method, but don’t assume. Following the manufacturer’s installation recommendations guarantees that the replacement is done correctly. After you install the new fill valve, check it for leaks.

Toilet Gasket Replacement

All toilets have the following gaskets: tank bowl gaskets (connects the tank to the bowl) and a flush valve gasket (to seal the valve). How do you know which needs replacement? Well, a faulty tank bolt gasket causes the water to seep onto the floor from under the tank. A broken flush valve gasket causes leaks between the seat and the tank. Neither one is ideal. Luckily, it’s not difficult to replace the tank bolt washers. Sometimes, when these washers aren’t corroded, washing them in white vinegar and brushing off the debris with a wire brush repairs the issues. In most cases, though, you need to replace the bolts with new ones. This is an inexpensive fix that prevents water damage. Replacing the flush valve gasket requires removing the plastic nut. This nut is located under the tank. Again, this is a straightforward, inexpensive repair that prevents additional leakage that leads to water damage.

What if the leak isn’t coming from the tank? Leaks that form around the base of the toilet need immediate attention. You don’t want to risk rotting the sub-floor. To address this leak, check the toilet bolts (also called Johnny bolts) and the wax ring. If you tighten the bolts and the leak persists, the most likely repair is replacing the wax seal. This is a job that homeowners can complete, but we always recommend professional toilet repair for wax seal replacement. Why? Toilets are heavy and awkward. If you’re not careful or inexperienced, you could accidentally break the toilet. You don’t want this added expense, do you?

No matter what type of toilet leak you have, Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter has solutions. Call one of our licensed plumbing specialists today to inspect and repair the problem!