Kitchen Drain Cleaning Services

Kitchen drain cleaning service by highly-trained plumbers near you.It makes sense for a plumbing system to shut down when drains clog. Unfortunately, this makes living in the home difficult without access to water. This is why kitchen drain cleaning is such an important service that Wise Choice Plumbing offers. You want to have water when needed, but get rid of it when you don’t.

Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter offers numerous emergency plumbing services such as sink faucet repair and leak repair, and unclog your plumbing system. Our drain cleaning tasks aim to prevent the need for those services. A majority of times the buildup that causes a water back up into your home starts small. Regular drain cleaning keeps problems contained.

How Do Clogs Affect My Kitchen Plumbing?

Some might argue that drain cleaning is an unnecessary service because at the bare minimum a clogged drain is an inconvenience. The truth is when water isn’t removed from a house, serious problems occur. A backed-up sink that is full of food particles and debris can attract insects into your kitchen and promotes the presence of bacteria in the area where you prep and eat food. It can make it difficult to use your dishwasher, the garbage disposal, and other kitchen plumbing components.  Drain cleaning is recommended for one specific reason. When we clean your drains, we can identify any issues that could become serious down the line.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

The truth is DIY kitchen drain cleaning can cause more harm than help over the long run. When homeowners dump abrasive chemicals down their kitchen sinks or to unclog an obstructed garbage disposal, they are merely contributing to a shorter life span and a possible plumbing failure in the future. These chemicals eat away at the pipes and can actually lead to rough surfaces that attract more food, hair, and debris in the future. Even when homeowners use a hardware store ‘snake’ tool they can unwillingly cause more damage to the plumbing than they expected.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning Service

Professional drain cleaning gives homeowners peace of mind. Wise Choice Plumbing preventive maintenance services help open up the flow of your pipes while at the same time providing a glimpse into the plumbing to make sure all components are in proper working condition. Kitchen drain cleaning now helps prevent bigger and more expensive services down the line – not only in the home but around your entire property including the septic system and the water main.

If it’s been a while (or never) since you’ve had your drains cleaned or if you need another service like faucet repair, contact Wise Choice Plumbing today!