Kitchen Leak Repair

Kitchen Leak Repair by Our Expert Plumbers Near YouIn your home, some plumbing leaks are obvious. For example, water pouring into your kitchen, bathroom, or basement constitutes a problem. While pipe bursts are serious, the silent leaks behind walls or under flooring cause just as much damage. Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter specializes in kitchen leak detection and repair as well as garbage disposal repair, garbage disposal installation, and preventive maintenance. Call right to get help today!

Did you know slow leaks occurring in the hidden areas of your kitchen cause mold growth? Likewise, they damage walls, flooring, ceilings, insulation, wiring, and more. Not only that, leaks cause a decrease in water pressure. This situation creates an inconvenience for showers and sinks as well as unnecessarily high utility bills.

A Leaking Faucet

Leaks in your kitchen plumbing system may sometimes be out of sight. However, they should still be on your mind. Leakage occurs from loose fittings under the kitchen sink, loose refrigerator water lines, or even inside the walls from corroded pipes.

We use high-tech resources to find these leaks and lower the risk of water damage. At Wise Choice Plumbing, we use plumbing cameras to get an inside view of your pipes. This inside view helps us make sure leaks and blockages don’t exist. We also use thermal cameras, sensors, and liquid leak detectors to pinpoint the exact location of leaks.

Finding the leak in your plumbing system is only half the battle. We also work hard to make sure the leaks don’t return. First, we find the leaky area. Then, using technology and our licensed plumbers’ expertise, we perform non-invasive and highly affordable services to fix the problem.

Emergency Plumbing Repair

As stated, not all kitchen leaks are obvious. If your water bill seems unusually high, it’s very possible your plumbing system has a leak. To determine if water is leaking in your kitchen, call Wise Choice Plumbing for an inspection. It’s better to deal with drips when they are small issues and not catastrophic experiences. Give us a call today and learn more about our cost-effective, emergency plumbing repair and preventive maintenance services.