Leach Lines Septic Tank Maintenance Services

Local Plumbers Near You Install and Maintain Leach LinesThe key to a healthy septic system is making sure that all its components are well-maintained and working according to plan. The septic system’s drain field, or leach lines, is an essential part of this system. If clogged or otherwise damaged, the system doesn’t work. That’s why we recommend professional septic tank maintenance for keeping leach lines in top shape to ensure longevity.

Leach lines have one very important job. To process the effluent that comes from the tank by processing the waste, returning nutrients to the soil, and ensuring that only clean water returns to the natural water supply.

At Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we know that homeowners want to do everything to maintain the integrity of their septic system.

Conserve Water

Paying closer attention to how much water you use each day goes a long way toward preventing costly repairs. On average, septic tanks handle 75 gallons of water per person each day.

To make sure that leach lines don’t get overworked, consider adopting one or more of the following water conservation habits:
  • Do laundry throughout the week to prevent high water days
  • Run the dishwasher in the middle of the day when fewer people are home to use the water
  • Install low-flow toilets
  • Repair leaky fixtures
  • Make sure outside drains divert water away from the tank

Flush and Rinse Carefully

Never flush anything down the toilet that isn’t septic-safe toilet paper. Throw away paper towels, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, and wipes. Also, never pour grease or fats from cooking down the drain. Additionally, we recommend that homeowners with septic systems NOT use garbage disposals. Instead, consider compositing or throwing away food scraps.

Also, we caution homeowners against using liquid drain cleaners to clear clogs. Cleaners like DRAIN-O contain bleach and other chemicals that harm the leach lines. If you have a clog, call a licensed plumber right away safe, effective professional drain cleaning services.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

For the best results, have your septic system serviced once every 3 years. This is the EPA’s recommendation for a family of four. If you have more people in your family, consider yearly maintenance. With regular maintenance, the leaching system lasts longer and it experiences fewer expensive problems. To determine the best maintenance schedule for your situation, schedule a consultation with our septic repair and replacement specialists for a complete evaluation.

Following these professional septic maintenance tips helps avoid costly repairs and unforeseen issues with your system’s leach lines.