Video Camera Line Inspection

Knowledgeable, local plumbers perform video camera inspection service near you.At Wise Choice Plumbing, we have the equipment to find and repair any plumbing issue. An example of a popular tool is our video camera inspection tool, a highly-effective method for inspecting indoor and outdoor plumbing. With this piece of equipment, our plumbers provide visual inspection of sewer lines and pipes.

Before this technology existed, it was much more difficult to pinpoint a sewer or main line problem. Without this tool, plumbers dug up large sections of the yard. They also removed massive amounts of concrete to find the bad section of pipe. Our camera inspection services eliminate these obstacles, making it easier to detect outdoor plumbing problems.

No Guesswork

Great question! First, the technician inserts a small camera attached to a flexible rod into the pipe. The rod’s flexibility allows the camera to travel through the piping with ease. Next, the camera makes seamless turns to view the entire length and width of the pipe. Lastly, the camera delivers real-time images to a screen that you and your technician view together.

The camera’s radio transmitter allows the technician to detect the location of the problem easily. It detects the depth as well. So, regardless of the problem, the camera identifies the problem right away. This preventative maintenance tool alerts homeowners to tiny issues before they develop into expensive disasters.

Did you know? Our video camera inspection tool moves through pipes 2 – 36 inches in diameter!

Identify Problems Using Video Cameras

Are you experiencing frequent clogs? If so, an obstruction exists somewhere in your plumbing system. A camera inspection helps you find the problem! Clogs and slow drains aren’t the only reasons you may want to schedule a camera inspection.

This technology helps homeowners with the following:
  • Locate lost jewelry or other valuables
  • Find trapped critters and pets (for those times when your kids decide to give the hamster a bath in the toilet)
  • Make home buying decisions by alerting buyers of potential plumbing problems

For more information about how video camera inspection works, give us a call at your convenience. Our team schedules appointments that work with your schedule. We’re available 24/7 and ready to provide fast, convenient, and affordable camera inspection services today!