Septic to Sewer Conversion Services

Septic to sewer conversion by Local PlumbersInterested in converting from an existing septic system to the main city sewer line connection? Call the septic repair, replacement and leach line specialists at Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter today for a free consultation and cost estimate: (888) 668-8922.

People who live in rural areas need septic system installation for safe removal of wastewater and sewage. However, many people live in locales that were once rural but are now thriving suburban/urban areas with modern sewer amenities. These homes do not need septic tanks when better options exist. Because of this reason, many homeowners in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas connect to their local city sewer system.

Why make the switch?

Municipal sewer line installation is the preferable form of wastewater and sewage disposal. When a septic tank fails, it leaves behind a costly mess. Even with regular maintenance, pipes require replacement and septic tank replacement is not an inexpensive plumbing job. Converting to a city sewer main connection is an ideal way to avoid unnecessary damage and expense.

If you’re ready to make the switch, contact Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter at (888) 668-8922 to schedule a free evaluation for sewer line installation. Our licensed plumbers provide no-obligation consultations and cost estimates.

Benefits of a Main City Sewer Line Connection

Why mess with a good thing? Maybe you’re not having any problems with your septic tank right now, but happens when you do? Are you ready to tackle those problems?

We understand that connecting to your city’s main sewer system is an expense you don’t need, but there are viable reasons to consider doing so.

Your city requires you to connect.

If your municipality’s sewer main is located within 300 feet of your property line, consult local codes. Although you may not need to connect now if your septic system breaks the story could be different. Most local codes require that you connect to the main sewer line instead of replacing the tank.

You can increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell.

Are you considering selling your home? Connecting to a city sewer main connection makes your home more appealing to buyers. Septic systems are not popular among homebuyers. They can be deal breakers. When you ditch the septic tank, value and marketability increases.

How Much Will a Septic to Sewer Main Conversion Cost Me?

The answer depends on several factors:
  • Proximity to a suitable municipal sewer main line
  • Sewer connection fees
  • Septic tank abandonment fees

Plumbers determine cost by how close your home is to the public sewer main line.

Finding a Suitable Municipal Sewer Main Line Nearby

Sewer main lines are8” in diameter and maintained by the city. They are located underneath the street as well as along the sewer easement on private property. When lines aren’t located in close proximity to the properties they serve, additional costs ensue.

Homes with property lines not within 300 feet of a public sewer line will have to pay to extend the sewer pipe. The cost for this service is determined by observing soil properties, terrain, and easement requirements.

Homes within 300 feet are required to have side sewer installation. This is a 4-6” sewer pipe that connects your plumbing system to the main municipal sewer line. Typically, gravity is the driving force that moves wastewater from your home to the sewer line. When this isn’t possible due to a yard’s elevation, you’ll need to get permission to install and use a residential grinder pump.

What Do I Do with My Septic Tank?

Municipal jurisdiction dictates sewer tank abandonment. Each city requires specific installation and permits. In most cases, plumbers pump the septic tank and remove the lid. Lastly, the specialist fills the tank with either sand, gravel, or compacted dirt. When you hire us, we oversee septic tank abandonment and complete the process according to local requirements.

Expert Local Sewer Contractors Can Help You Switch Your Septic System to a City Sewer Main Line Connection

The team at Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter are experienced sewer service contractors with a proven reputation for getting projects like this done right the first time. Replacing septic systems and sewer lines is serious business so don’t leave it up to plumbers who are anything less the best. To find out more about converting your old septic system to a city sewer connection in the Los Angeles or San Diego area, call us today to set up a free consultation and cost estimate!