Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Services

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Services by Licensed, Area PlumbersAt Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter, we always recommend professional water heater services. There are just too many things that can go wrong with a do-it-yourself job. However, you can educate themselves on the different types of water heaters available, so that you can make an informed purchase.

Most homeowners know about convention gas or electric tank water heaters and tankless heaters. You may not be aware that you have other water heating options too. A very efficient form of heating is the hybrid heat pump water heater. This heater is powered by electricity and has a storage tank. However, it works differently than conventional water heaters because it draws heat from the air and transfers it to the water in the tank.

Heat pumps are great for homeowners looking for sustainable ways to generate hot water, but not a great option in cold climates. Heat pumps require a year-round temperature between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, this isn’t a concern for Southern California homeowners. Because the climate in our region is fairly warm year-round, hybrid heat pumps are an excellent choice for homeowners. In fact, water heating pumps have the potential to be as much as three times more energy efficient than conventional water heating units.

Do hybrid heat pumps work well when there is high water demand? If you have a lot of people using the hot water in your home, heat pumps will respond accordingly. To meet the high demand, it may be necessary for the pump to switch to standard heating. In cases like these, the heat pump acts more like a conventional heater. This is why it’s called a hybrid heat pump.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

Owning a hybrid heat pump water heater gives homeowners options. Each pump is equipped with control panels to allow the selection of different operating mode.

These modes include:
  • Auto/Hybrid: Great option for daily use and improves energy-efficient heating.
  • Electric/Heater: Need to switch to conventional heating? This setting allows you to only use the electric heating element.
  • Efficiency/Economy: This option ONLY uses the heat pump for maximum energy efficiency. Additionally, some models – not all – have a vacation/timer control. This control lets you put the unit into sleep mode when you’re gone for extended periods of time (like at work or school) or when you’re on vacation.

The cost to operate a heat pump system is lower than a conventional water heater. However, the initial costs to install the pump are pricey. Homeowners need to decide if lower operating costs offset higher installation and purchase prices. It’s also important to keep in mind that hybrid models are still storage tank water heaters. Therefore, the life expectancy is the same as the traditional model – approximately 10 – 12 years. Of course, proper installation and regular maintenance extends the lifespan and ensures optimal performance.

If you’re ready to install a hybrid heat pump water heater, call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter. Our plumbers check local building codes to ensure proper installation and safe operation. Call us or schedule a service online today!