Water Heater Leak Repair

Water Heater Leak Repair Services by Licensed Plumber in Your NeighborhoodA leaky water heater is not something you want to ignore. Even a tiny leak can turn into a major repair, so it’s always best to call for water heater services right away. As with most repairs, it’s always best to call a professional for water heater leak repair.

While you’re waiting for one of our plumbers to arrive, turn off the power to the heater. Shut down electric water heaters by turning off the breaker. Gas-powered units have a switch or dial that turns off the heater.

Also, for large leaks, turn off the water supply. To do this locate the cold water shut-off valve above the water heater. Keep in mind that turning the valve off may or may not stop the leak. It depends on where the leak is. Of course, you can always leave the water on until the plumber arrives. Some people don’t feel comfortable messing with the water heater, especially since the unit houses hot water. No worries. You do what you feel comfortable doing.

Where Is the Leak Coming From?

There isn’t a straightforward answer because water heaters develop different types of leaks. The following are places plumbers start when diagnosing a leak.

Outlet and inlet connection: Sometimes loose connections at these points result in water heater leaks. These repairs can be simple if that’s all the problem is – a loose connection.

Temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve: T&P valve leaks happen from overheating or extreme pressure inside the tank. When pressure increases, the T&P valve will open repeatedly to release the pressure, which leads to leaking. Our plumbers check for this issue by lowering the water temperature. If the leak continues, the plumber shuts down the unit immediately to prevent a dangerous situation. In most cases, T&P valve replacement will fix this problem.

Heater drain valve: This valve should always open and close completely. Debris inside the tank or a faulty heater drain valve can hinder operation and cause this component to leak. Sometimes simply flushing the debris from the valve will solve the problem. If this doesn’t work, replacing the valve is the next step.

Internal leaks: The majority of water heater leaks we deal with come from inside the tank. These leaks are typically age-related plumbing issues. The most obvious sign of an internal leak is when water comes from the bottom of the tank. At this point, repairs are not possible. Water heater replacement is the only option.

Emergency Water Heater Service

Need an emergency water heater service? Call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter for 24-hour plumbing service. We get to your home fast, delivering skilled repairs by a licensed and fully-insured plumber.