Sump Pump Maintenance Services

Sump Pump Maintenance by Area PlumbersSump pumps are invaluable, low-maintenance devices for homes with basements. Without a sump pump, your home is at risk of flooding during heavy rains. Water damage from basement flooding is costly, which is why it’s a good idea to take proactive steps to avoid this at all costs. If your home has a sump pump, regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to keep the pump in stellar condition. So, before disaster strikes, call Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter. Our maintenance, installation and sump pump repair services are accurate and budget friendly.

Where Is My Sump Pump Located?

You’ll find this submersible pump in a sump pit, which is always installed at the lowest point of your home. In most cases, this is a basement, but it can also be a crawl space.

How Does the Sump Pump Work?

Pumps are outfitted with a float switch. This switch senses when the water rises to a certain level in the pit. Once water reaches this level, the switch activates and the pump removes the water through a drain pipe. Water is diverted to a storm drain, well, or into the yard, but always away from home’s foundation.

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

How can I avoid basement flooding? It’s easier than you think when you’re armed with a little knowledge.

Check out these tips from Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter.
  • Always test the sump pump regularly. This easy maintenance task doesn’t require any plumbing knowledge or skill. Simply fill a bucket with water and pour it into the pump until the water reaches the float switch activation level. Does the pump turn on and do its job? If yes, you’re good to go. Is the pump not turning on? In this case, schedule a service call with a Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter plumber to investigate and make repairs.
  • Discharge lines, a component of the pump system, sometimes clog. Blockages also form in the inlet screen. Clear these blockages and try to keep the area around the sump pump free of any items may interfere with operation.
  • Does your unit have a battery backup? We recommend replacing the battery every couple of years so that your sump pump works even if there is a power failure.
  • Call a licensed plumber to have the sump pump disconnected, removed, and flushed at least once a year. This service clears the pump of built-up debris, and it ensures everything is working well. Many homeowners include this task with their yearly maintenance package.

What else can I do to avoid basement flooding? Homeowners can take other actions to prevent water from getting into their basements or crawl spaces.

Here are some easy things you can do right away:
  • Make sure landscaping slopes away from the house so water doesn’t puddle around the foundation.
  • Clean and repair downspouts and gutters when necessary.
  • Seal foundation cracks and fissures around doors and windows.
  • Repair small problems with plumbing and drainage systems right away to prevent major damage in the future. Water cleanup and water restoration services are costly. Making tiny repairs helps you avoid big ones.

If you notice your sump pump isn’t working well, call the pros at Wise Choice Plumbing & Rooter – (888) 668-8922.